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Fees and FAQ’s

How long is the Card Valid For?

ISCE-ECS-Card-Mock-Up-ImageAn ISCE Sound Engineer ECS Card is valid for 3 Years.

When an ECS card has less than 3 months to run it can be renewed. The holder will need to sit a Health & Safety assessment in order to obtain a new card.

ISCE Sound Engineer ECS cards will be withdrawn and therefore struck off the national database upon lapse of ISCE membership. Withdrawn, invalid cards must be returned to the ISCE upon receipt of formal termination of membership, to be destroyed as per the members declaration upon joining.

What if I lose or damage my card?

If an ISCE Sound Engineer ECS card is lost or damaged it can be reissued using our replacement service. A copy of the last card issued will be provided on application and payment of the replacement card fee. The application for a replacement card is available up to three months before the original ECS card is due to expire. If there is less than three months left on the card an application to renew the ECS card will need to be made in the normal way.

How much does an ISCE ECS Card Cost?

Application Fees
Initial Card £40 plus VAT

£30 plus VAT

ECS Health & Safety Assessment
£40 plus VAT

Can I use my existing Health & Safety certificate as an exemption?

You may already hold a Health and Safety certificate from another organisation, but the agreement between the JIB and the ISCE is that ALL applications made electronically via ISCE, must have a valid ECS Health and Safety certificate in order to obtain an ISCE Sound Engineer ECS card.

An ECS H&S certificate is valid for two years.

If a person is working in the electrotechnical industry and would like to use an H&S exemption that is recognised for an application for an ECS craft card, they can apply directly to the JIB and present their exemption as part of that application.

Can I book my ECS H&S Assessment at alternative Testing Centres?

Alternative Health & Safety Assessment Centres
The ECS H&S assessment is available directly from the JIB and several other organisations.

The JIB – To book an assessment through the JIB please call the bookings team on 01322 661 633.

The ECA – To book an assessment please call the ECA Administration team on 01582 531 047.

Unite –  To book an assessment with Unite please visit their website

If I have an ISCE Sound Engineer ECS Card, can I work on site in another capacity I.e. non-sound engineer role, or will I require a separate ECS card?

This is usually decided by the site owner / operator granting access. In most cases this should not be an issue if it is a related discipline.

Some site operators will only grant permission for you to work on the discipline which your ECS card states. As an example a general labourer would not normally be allowed to carry out electrical works without an ECS card for electrical or related tasks.

If I already have a CSCS card, at renewal can I automatically apply for an ISCE Sound Engineer ECS Card?

Having a CSCS card, does not allow automatic renewal for an ECS card.  The two schemes run separately.

CSCS are withdrawing the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) cards, so anyone who has a CRO card will need to apply for an ECS card.