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With almost 50 years’ experience, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to every aspect of his work, and yet still displays the same sense of passion for sound, which has made him a leader and driving force throughout his distinguished career. Brian and his team at B&H are well known throughout the professional entertainment scene, providing PA, recording and video facilities both for touring and concert events and designing and installing permanent systems from village churches to complete 1800 seater auditoriums and Grade 1 Listed architecturally sensitive buildings. He has extensive experience of both Live Sound and recording and is acknowledged as a leading Producer in his specialist field; brass and choral music. He has travelled worldwide, completing almost 1,000 productions in his long career, including sessions in famous studios such as Abbey Road, EMI, Air Lyndhurst, ABC Melbourne. Brian is also a gifted vocalist, with a lyrical easy-listening tenor voice. You might believe that he could have easily made a career as a singer.


Peter Mapp

Although he has a string of academic qualifications as long as your arm, Dr Peter Mapp is renowned for his down to earth and pragmatic approach to sound system design and acoustics and also for his relaxed style of lecturing. Peter has lectured all over the world and was nominated ‘Instructor of the year’ by the National Sound Contractor’s Association of America. He is a contributing author to several technical reference books on audio and acoustics and has written and presented numerous papers to the Institute of Acoustics and Audio Engineering Society. Peter is a member of several British and International Standards committees and is currently chair of IEC 60268-16, the standard for the measurement of the Speech Transmission Index (STI). A background in physics, acoustics and measurement and on a practical level, designing and measuring over 800 sound systems, give Peter a unique perspective to discuss sound system design, speech intelligibility and measurement.


Bob Howard
Bob Howard

Bob Howard is the Managing Director of a long established sound contracting company and has a wealth of experience in the commercial and professional sides of the audio industry.
During a career, which spans well over 30 years, he has been involved in providing Public Address, Audio Visual and Voice Alarm systems to major clients – as well as providing training to engineers and installers of these systems both in the UK and overseas.
It is Bob’s continuing hands-on engineering approach that makes him an ideal presenter of training courses for Voice Alarm and non-emergency sound systems. Indeed, it is something he has been doing in the private sector for many years.
Bob has been a Member of the ISCE since its inception in 1992 and is proud to collaborate with his ISCE training colleagues in preparing their structured courses. His courses are regarded as thorough and well-conceived and are presented in an informal and relaxed manner.



Mark Faulks is an experienced IT and AV professional. Working an an AV installations company, Mark designs, programs, commissions and troubleshoots AV control systems including both wired and wireless data networks. Prior to joining the AV industry, Mark worked as a software developer and systems administrator for a UK charity.He is a member of the British Computer Society and the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers.


Tony Stacey

Tony Stacey MInstSCE is the Principal Acoustic Consultant at a London based consultancy working primarily in the field of Speech Intelligibility.He has written and presented a number of papers on various electro-acoustic related subjects for both the Institute of Acoustics and the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers.Tony designs and develops his company’s in house and on site methodologies for testing e.g. loudspeakers, amplifiers and voice alarm systems. He has a background in physics and so likes to approach the subject from scientific standpoint.


Peter Roe MInstSCE is the managing director of an audio-visual company which specialises in designing and installing bespoke systems involving a wide range of technologies.  Peter’s career spans over 30 years, initially designing electronic circuits working at frequencies from audio to UHF, moving on to larger and more complex systems such as submarine telecoms and mobile phone networks before concentrating on the audio and visual sectors for the last fifteen years.  He has spent considerable time alongside hearing aid users setting up and assessing scores of AFILS installations, meaning training will cover the topic from first principles through to end-user experiences.


Doug Edworthy
Doug Edworthy

Doug Edworthy is the principal hearing loop technology trainer for the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers, and has presented papers to the Institute of Acoustics and the ISCE on subjects ranging from Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems to Voice Alarm Systems.In 2011, he presented three papers at the 2nd International Hearing Loop Conference in Washington DC.Doug was the key technical trainer at Millbank Electronics (for customers and in-house) from 1982 to 1994, providing training on systems compliance with the BS 5839 and EN54 Voice Alarm standards.As an independent consultant, Doug has designed and presented technical training for manufacturers, their customers, and the Zurich Insurance Company (UK and International divisions).He has been presenting training in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Hong Kong, and he has received numerous plaudits from participants with a first language other than English.



John Willett MInstSCE is the Managing Director of Sound-Link ProAudio Ltd, who are official UK distributors of a range of microphones. Also a freelance consultant, writer and classical music recordist, John established Circle Sound Services (his recording business) in 1978. He has recorded a number of CDs including one in Classic FM’s “Full Works” series and is well regarded for his solo piano recordings, and recently recorded the inaugural concert for “Sono Vivo”, a charity that performs classical music concerts to raise money for cancer charities.

Formerly Technical Manager at Sennheiser UK, microphones have always been his passion, as is his desire to “capture the performance”. He has been recording digitally since 1983 and (according to “Music Week”) was the first to produce an album by digitally overdubbing using a pair of PCM-F1 units. He has been using digital microphones since 2006 and is highly regarded as an expert on the subject.

John has written for several publications including Sound On Sound and Line Up and has presented several papers at AES conferences and one for the Institute of Acoustics. He is a past President of the International Federation of
Soundhunters and was Chairman of the British Sound Recording Association for many years. John is on the Executive
Committee of the IPS and is also a member of both the APRS and AES. John has been a long-standing member of the ISCE.



Jason Brameld MInstSCE, is Techncial Director at Torpedo Factory Group.  He is not an explosives expert (despite the company name), but with a physics background, he has had a career spanning some 27 years including broadcast at the BBC, audio visual contracting and consultancy. 

Jason has held Director responsibility for health and safety in contracting companies and has a pragmatic approach to problem solving and compliance.  Jason is also involved with development of performance standards in the AV industry – having chaired the InfoComm Standards Steering Committee and also been actively involved in developing and writing standards. Jason has also been a long-standing member of the ISCE.

He has served as a judge for the AV industry awards, and far from wanting to escape all that in his spare time, he designs lighting and sound for theatrical productions and serves as a Trustee of a community theatre in Watford.