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The sound and communications industries are influenced by rapidly changing technologies and regularly changing standards along with some integration with adjacent disciplines.

If you want to work in our industry you will need to learn about technologies, standards and codes of practice. If you already work in our industry then you will be aware of the need to keep abreast of these changes. If you are ambitious you will want to be ahead of the crowd with your knowledge. Attending our courses also gives you the opportunity to network with industry colleagues and peers.

ISCE runs courses to cater for these requirements but also to cater for those whose job (such as sales engineer) requires knowledge but possibly without all the technical details.

Everyone benefits from knowledge and training to develop their potential in their work environment, but in our chosen industry they are essential requirements!

We would also be happy to talk to you about any individual or company needs. We can deliver bespoke and/or in-house ISCE training courses.

ISCE are delighted to offer members of PLASA, Institute of Professional Sound (IPS), and AV User Group the ISCE discounted member rate for our training courses.









cpdISCE is a member of the CPD Certification Service and our training courses are CPD accredited. There are many benefits to Continuing Professional Development at all levels. From an individual, organisation or industry as a whole, CPD is essential to keep skills and knowledge up to date and helps you focus on how to become a more competent working professional.



We are fortunate to have some world-class industry experts in our team of presenters, who are passionate about promoting technical excellence within the sound and communications industry. trainer-profiles


Think you would like to work in the sound engineering industry? Download our guide to career opportunities in sound engineering here.



Free training notes are available for download on a number of audio related principles from the banner link in the right hand column.