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Articles are written by learned members of the ISCE and can be viewed or downloaded, as required. They provide valuable insights into some of the considerations and obstacles encountered, working in the sound and communications industries.

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Recent Articles

Considerations of a 'No-Deal Brexit'


Many Members have asked us what the ISCE’s guidance is for the membership on Brexit and as Halloween looms, it looks increasingly likely that there will be a “NO DEAL”, hard, Brexit.

What's so sacrosanct about 10dB Signal to noise ratio?


So where does this figure of 10 dBA snr requirement/recommendation come from and will it guarantee adequate intelligibility ? Find out the answer to this and more here.

An audio revolution - 5 reasons to switch to IP

As well as being an excellent complement to IP cameras and access control systems, IP audio is forging an identity of its own by helping businesses improve security and work more intelligently, and providing installers with increasing revenue streams. Find out more here.

How to Guide - Operating Small Sound Systems


Many small sound systems and hearing loop systems, are operated (switched on and off and generally looked after) by volunteers. While this guide cannot cover all the issues, particularly those concerning large systems (for which you may need to look at BS IEC TR 63049), it should provide a useful basis from which to start.

How to Guide - Voice Alarm Systems


Don’t feel daft for not knowing what voice alarm is. It’s a specialist field and there is help available from the ISCE and an entire industry of specialist companies that are dedicated to serve it. The best companies are ISCE Supporting Members or those companies that have ISCE professionally graded staff. Find out more here.

Assistive Listening


In the last 40 years hearing aid and hearing loop technology has developed considerably. Digital signal processors mean loop systems now offer much better sound quality while digital hearing aids give users an improved listening experience.

Apprenticeship Levy


I am a massive beneficiary of the modern apprenticeship scheme and as such, I would encourage every business to consider apprentices as a route to filling the skills gap that technology related industries are facing.

Loudspeaker Coverage

Most audio system designers would agree, that obtaining even sound coverage is a good design goal to aim for – or at least be a good place to start. Dr Peter Mapp explores loudspeaker coverage here.

The Government Tender

The Government Tender, written by Roland Hemming, provides an interesting insight into what is sometimes a challenging process audio companies often encounter to win projects.

Minority Interests

Minority Interests, an article written by Dr Peter Mapp HonFInstSCE, highlights the impact of sound, how it affects each person hearing it differently and the considerations required designing sound systems.

Portable Appliance Testing

Time to lay down the law for portable appliance testing, written by Joules Newell MInstSCE, outlines PAT testing, Electrical Safety Risk Assessment and other recommendations…

Power Systems for Audio Installations

Often considered a black art, defining and specifying ‘Power Systems for Critical Audio Installations’ by Joules Newell aims to uncover the concepts and reasons behind a good electrical supply for audio…

The Sound Directory

This basic guide, a non-technical guide, was originally prepared by Anthony Walker FInstSCE, after selling the Millbank Electronics Group in 1990. Thank you Anthony for releasing the copyright to the ISCE.