ISCEx 2020 commences with a Networking Dinner in the medieval banquet suite of Coombe Abbey on the eve of the exhibition and we invite you to join us. Commencing at 7pm with pre-dinner drinks guests can enjoy a fun dining experience and mingle with the good company of industry friends and colleagues.

The Annual Networking Dinner proves to be a great opportunity to network in an informal environment, socialise and get introduced to new business contacts.

Price £37.50 plus VAT

Dress code for this event is smart casual.



We’ve increased the number of companies that are exhibiting at ISCEx 2020




Seminar Speakers for ISCEx 2020


ISCEx Event Agenda

1.00 PM
ISCE ECS Card Health & Safety Assessment

Members (Booked in Advance)


2.00 PM

Open to All (Booked in Advance)

  • 2.00pm Refreshments and networking
  • 2.15pm Shaping Sound – a presentation by guest speaker Dr Gianluca Memoli, Senior Lecturer in Novel Interfaces and Interactions (Informatics) at University of East Sussex. Attendess will enjoy a demonstration of how a sound projector beams audio to a moving person
  • 3.15pm Phil Price FInstSCE – outlining the ISCEx schedule
  • 3.20pm President’s Address and AGM
  • 3.55pm Chris Nicolaides MInstSCE – explaining the profile app
  • 4.15pm Roland Hemming MInstSCE, Chair of BS 7827 committee – an open discussion on BS 7827:2019 – Designing, specifying, maintaining and operating emergency sound systems for sports grounds, large public buildings, and venues.
    • Code of Practice – An opportunity for members to explain their concerns about the change of scope
    • For BS 7827 committee to explain the reasoning behind the wider scope
    • To see if there can be an acceptable agreement in a future revision
  • 5.00pm Presentations close


7.00 PM

Starting at 7pm with pre-dinner drinks. ISCE will be hosting a networking dinner in the medieval suite of Coombe Abbey on the eve of the exhibition and we would like you to join us.


9.00 AM


10.00 AM
Hopkins-Baldwin Lecture
Hopkins-Baldwin Lecture

Hitting the “peak”: My quest for understanding modern amplifier systems

Alberto Fueyo Gallego MInstSCE

Amplifiers used in Sound Systems for Emergency Evacuation Purposes (e.g. PA/VA, SSEP, ECS) have undergone a transformation in recent years. Modern amplifiers are better described as amplification ‘systems’ with built-in DSP, with designs that focus on efficiency and size.

Being able to predict the performance of a sound system is critical to the design and measurement phases of a project. Evolutions in technology like this can introduce new challenges with regards to prediction, and hence understanding the performance and ratings of modern amplifiers is crucial to be able to use them successfully in projects

This presentation is a continuation of my 2017 investigation and ISCEx presentation. I have undertaken further measurements of many of these modern amplification systems and will discuss my updated findings.

11.30 AM
Warren-Barnett Memorial Lecture
Warren-Barnett Memorial Lecture

Sparse Sampling and Measurement: Dark Arts or Delightful?

Jamie Angus

Many measurement tasks such as speaker polar pattern measurement or coverage require a large number of measurements to achieve accuracy, due to the need to sample the measurement above the Nyquist/Shannon limit of two times the highest frequency. Sparse and Compressive Sampling allows one to sample the signal at apparently less than the Nyquist/Shannon limit of two times the highest frequency, this without losing any signal fidelity or even lower with some loss of
accuracy! How can this be, is it black magic, or is it a delightful technique for achieving high accuracy with a few limited measurements?

The purpose of this presentation is to give a non-mathematical introduction to Sparse/Compressive Sampling and measurement. We will examine the difference between “Sparse” and “Dense” signals and define what is meant by “rate of innovation” and see how it relates to sample rate. We will then go on to see how we can create sparse signals either via transforms or filters to provide signals that can be sample at much lower rates. We will then show how some of these methods are already used in audio, and suggest other areas of application, in particular audio and acoustic measurements. Finally we will finish off by showing how a commonly used audio system can be considered to be a form of compressive sensing.

02.30 PM
The ISCEx Lecture
The ISCEx Lecture

The challenges and potentials for automotive sound design

Sebastian Krueger

The introduction of DSP-based systems in the automotive industry has created tremendous potential to develop high quality interior and exterior sound that enhances the overall driving experience. Beyond managing the levels of noise, vibration and harshness, there in an increasing focus from vehicle manufacturers to develop a brand identity, through sound and an enhanced user experience.

With the prevalence of electric and hybrid vehicles and the legislative requirements related to pedestrian safety, we will see and hear a significant change in our everyday soundscape in the coming years.

This presentation will give you a stimulus to re-imagine sound design for the automotive sector.

04.30 PM
Exhibition Closes
Exhibition Closes

Exhibitors Exhibition Closes


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A special rate of £102 for B&B for 17th March is available at Coombe Abbey.

This special rate expires on 15 February and early booking is advised. Just phone +44 (0)2476 450 450 and quote ISCE.  Any bookings after this date will revert back to the standard rates.


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