Job Vacancy: Product Development and Technical Support Assistant

Company: Sound Directions Ltd

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Product Development and Technical Support Assistant


Chessington, Surrey

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Sound Directions is an exclusive distributor for a number of prestigious brand partners, specialising in directional sound, sound masking and system design.

If you dismantled electrical gadgets as a teenager, have a love of all things technical and relish solving problems, then you are likely to be the one for us.

We are looking for someone who can, not only help with new product development, but can also help with the day-to-day technical questions that we receive and attend on-site installations.

Key Attributes:

Ideally, the candidate will be a university graduate or, at the very least, have three A Levels.  They must be self-motivated and come with the following ready made skills:

  • Electronics: a basic understanding of voltage, current, Ohm’s law, AC and DC, how to measure electricity so the candidate can quickly learn electronics. This will enable you to troubleshoot or design simple electronic devices.
  • Mathematics:be comfortable with calculations, percentages, ratios as well as basics of algebra and logarithms.
  • Audio: be keen on audio technology, BUT NOT MUSIC TECHNOLOGY. It is all about understanding the audio signal and how it is captured, processed, stored and played back. As a company we are hot on selling speech clarity solutions.
  • Computer skills: have a basic understanding of Ethernet networks, LAN, VLAN, IP configurations… Microsoft office skills are also desirable

We will teach you about:

  • Acoustics: A great deal of what we hear is a direct result of the room acoustics. The candidate will learn how loudspeakers interact with the room acoustics and how it affects our perception of reproduced sounds.
  • Manufacturing and maintenance: the putting of products together, along with the repair and maintenance of audio equipment.


£24,000 per annum

To apply

Please send your CV direct to Alisa Afrim, Office Manager