Making Waves Very Well Received


Making Waves, a training course held at Leisuretec Distribution’s TecZone recently was very well received by all attendees.

One of a number of courses held in September by the ISCE, the industry’s only CPD accredited training provider, Making Waves was presented by Tony Stacey FInstSCE. Tony  is the Principal Acoustic Consultant at a London based consultancy working primarily in the field of Speech Intelligibility. He has written and presented a number of papers on various electro-acoustic related subjects for both the Institute of Acoustics and the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers.

The course content included learning how to have a better understanding of what happens to sound after it leaves loudspeakers, topics covered included;

  • What sound is and how sound travels
  • Relationship between the speed of sound, wavelength and frequency
  • Amplitude
  • How the decibel works
  • Equal loudness contours and the implications of
  • Frequency weighting
  • Point, line and plane sources and their propagation
  • Air absorption, reverberation and absorption
  • Diffraction, interference, temperature and the speed of sound
  • Refraction
  • The Doppler effect

Steve Sear from StandApart Audio commented after attending the training session, “the course content was really interesting and taught me some new things, as well as reminded me of some things I knew but may have forgotten. The presenter, Tony, was excellent and got the balance between technical and helpful information just right”.

ALL ISCE training courses are CPD accredited and count towards CPD accreditation.

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