Members - Andrew Scott FInstSCE

Andrew Scott FInstSCE


Andy has been interested in electronics and audio since childhood. He is a founding director of C-Tec, which manufactures fire alarm equipment, and has been Projects Director for SigNET (AC) since its formation in 1994.

Andy has extensive experience of voice alarm systems and this led to his appointment as UK Principle Expert for fire alarm devices on CEN TC 72 Working Group 3, which was responsible for EN 54-16, EN 54-24 and TS 54-32.

He is now convener of WG23, which has the task of revising EN 54-16 and 24 to suit the ever moving requirements of the Construction Product Regulation.

Andy has always tried to bridge the gap of understanding between ‘fire alarm’ and ‘public address’ points of view.

Andy has been a member of the ISCE since 2001 and joined Council in 2002. He organised the ISCEx series of exhibitions for several years thereafter.

Andy became a Director of the ISCE in 2008.

Andy is delighted with the recent development of ECS cards, which will help the ISCE grow and secure its future for many years to come.