Management Teams - Helen Goddard FInstSCE FIOA FRSA MAES


President, Director

Helen Goddard is a practising electro-acoustic consultant specialising in speech intelligibility within her consultancy AMS Acoustics. Helen works across the globe on large scale voice alarm system design, supported by her very capable team. Despite being in a technical professional Helen has become known for her creative approach to designing solutions, that often challenge the industry to make suitable products. Helen originally joined the ISCE as a technician in 1996 where she was instantly welcomed during a system trouble shooting workshop where she was the only candidate to successful diagnose the fault…the plug was not in the mains socket properly! This proved to be a valuable lesson - never forget the fundamentals. Since then, Helen has been a very active member of the ISCE whether on Council or not and enjoys annually chairing the diverse ISCEx seminars. Helen says: “I cannot overstate how important the ISCE has been as a vault of knowledge and experience during my career and how readily the members are prepared to share. We must continue this ethos to attract and retain new talent to ensure the future of our exceptional industry.” Helen became President in March 2019, a Director in March 2016 and as part of Council, Helen is involved in numerous projects, where her knowledge and flair for converting ideas into reality, has proved invaluable.  Working with Ros in setting up the ECS Card scheme was a major achievement for ISCE.