News: The Royal Wedding


It was a great privilege for Electronic Audio Systems Ltd to be asked to provide the Public Address systems in Windsor for the Royal Wedding. I am sure that many other ISCE members were involved with their own local contracts, but I’m also convinced that ours had the largest audience of an estimated 120,000+ members of the public.

To be clear, our systems were installed in the streets of Windsor, the Long Walk and the surrounding Alexandra Gardens and Home Park. There were seventeen loudspeaker zones controlled from nine positions throughout the town and castle. All control positions were connected via microwave links and multicore audio & data cables. The audio signal of
the chapel wedding service in was provided by the BBC as a clean feed. We distributed the service audio throughout the streets where the public could not see any of the large video screens; and at the thirteen large video screens we provided line arrays to

complement the pictures. All systems were powered by twin generators to provide continuous service.

It took just over three months to plan, sixteen days to install and three days to de-rig. We had thirty-four technicians (some working in two shifts) to operate the sound and communications systems. For those of you who like statistics, there were 18 digital audio mixers feeding 44 amplifiers powering over 221 loudspeaker cabinets. Just don’t ask about the number of microwave links or the length of cable installed!

Our thanks go to two other ISCE supporting members, namely Delta Sound Inc who provided the majority of the equipment and NSR Communications Ltd who provided the PA to accompany one of the screens in Home Park.