Hearing Loop Assessment Scheme

ISCE assessment scheme for non-working hearing loop systems

The ISCE has created an Assessment Scheme to offer organisations a source of competent individuals and companies who can test and assess hearing loops for correct operation and performance.

Many surveys carried out by support organisations such as Action on Hearing Loss, report  hearing loops (often referred to as Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems – AFILS), are frequently badly installed or maintained. Having a correctly installed and operational Induction Loop system is important.

ISCE Supporting Members and ISCE Fellow, Member, Senior Technician and Technician grades have joined the Hearing Loop Assessment Schemes to provide hearing loop system testing for non-working hearing loop systems.

ISCE members who are accredited and registered on the Hearing Loop Assessment Scheme, are competent and trained in the latest techniques and practices and have passed one ISCE Hearing Loop Systems training course, have evidence of three recent successful Hearing Loop System installations, with confirmation by the client of satisfaction, or are former members of BSI committee EPL100–1 (the BS 7594 committee) or TC29 MT20 or former or current members of TC29 WG22 (the IEC committees).

To find an Accredited ISCE Hearing Loop Assessor

  1. Click the ‘Search’ Button
  2. Select ‘Accredited ISCE Hearing Loop Assessor‘ Under Specialist Skills

Assessment & Results Forms

In order to operate the Hearing Loop Assessment Scheme as efficiently as possible, and to continuously improve it, please download both assessment forms by clicking the buttons below and complete them.

We ask that you return the Results form to ISCE, to allow us to continue to monitor standards of our approved assessors.